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Trust our value, Follow our move

The Pantech C&I group is a company that continuously strives
to create a better future.

Growth through mutual respect

The Pantech C&I group pursues synergy of the affiliates
and mutual growth with partners,
focusing on communication and cooperation.

Together, make it better

The Pantech C&I group is a company that puts customer value first.

Create future with Us

Pantech C&I group will be your partner to solve your last puzzle.

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Pantech C&I Affiliates

  • PNS networks

    PNS Networks promise to be the best business partner leading the logistics of the future.

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  • PNS networks Logis

    We provide specialized services for logistics and transportation.

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  • Valex Expert Cargo

    Valex Expert Cargo will be a safe partner for a successful business.

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  • Valex Service

    Valex Service will do the best to increase customer value by experts in each field.

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  • Pantech C&I Engineering

    Pantech C&I Engineering connects the world’s technologies in a new way with our fervid imagination and new stories to bring happiness to all.

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  • SKC Infraservice

    SKC Infraservice is flexible in changes and challenges in the future.

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  • Hiroo

    High-quality funeral service, Hiroo will be with you sincerely.

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